Double-sided adhesive tapes

Connecting, mounting, splicing – double-sided adhesive tapes have a wide variety of applications. They consist of – except for transfer adhesive tapes without a carrier – a carrier, which is double-sided, coated with adhesive mass.

The technical performance and suitability of the adhesive tapes are determined by the combination of carrier material and adhesive. Various materials like plastic, paper or cloth, can be used as a carrier. The double-sided adhesive coating can consist of acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive and their modification. There are also adhesive tapes with different adhesive masses for every side available.

Transfer adhesive tapes, without a carrier, solely consist of – in contrast to conventional double-sided adhesive tapes – adhesive mass. They are therefore particularly thin and flexible.

This product group offers a wide variety of solutions for special applications. For example, water-soluble adhesive tapes are tailored to the needs of the paper industry and residue-free removable adhesive tapes are used for stand construction.

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